Empty SpacE - A Space Board Game

The best spaceboard game, Empty Space iage

As you see the exoplanet for the first time, you notice a wetness appear around the commander's eyes. 'We've done it', you try to scream, but the words just come out in a whisper as your throat is so dry with excitement. The commander turns to you and puts her hand on your shoulder. 'Without your guidance and bravery we would have all perished,' she beams at you, 'We've done it, we've found the exoplanet!'

The aim of the game is to travel the universe with your space craft to find a habitable Exoplanet and colonize it.


To do this, pick up cards to firstly build your space probe. Your space probe will unveil the universe and you explore it (watching out for black holes) to discover an Exoplanet.


Finally, send a rocket to colonize your Exoplanet to win the game - but watch out, as your opponents will be trying to thwart you and race to victory instead.


Can you win the space board game Empty Space Explorers?

76 x different Universe cards

4 x exoplanet cards

16 x black hole and wild cards

4 x rockets and 4 x probes 

Is it a Space board Game or a space card Game ?

Well it's both actually!


The beauty of Empty Space is the cards make the board. This means that every game you play, you will have a completely unique playing surface that throws up over a million universes to explore.


So, it's a space card game and a space board game or some might call it a space card board game!

Empty Space Explorers - A Space Board Game

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