How we started


We wanted to develop a Space Board Game that was easy to learn, quick to play and fun for all the family. We also wanted a game surface with infinitesimal options so every game was different.

Mostly though, it had to be about Space and finding Exoplanets!

Why Empty Space (Explorers)?


We still don't really know much about what is beyond our solar system and that is the exciting idea behind the Empty Space universe. At the beginning of the game, the universe is empty until you voyage across it, uncovering cards that may help you or hinder you reach your goal of colonizing an exoplanet.


A letter from us

Hi, we are an independent space board game designing family.

A kind person on social media with friendly advice said it was really useful to people who were interested in our game to hear our story…so the short version is:

My 12 and 14 year old daughters (who are keen scientists and space fans) began to develop the game with me about 2 years ago. Several iterations later my now 14 and 16 year old daughters and I are satisfied we have a cracking space game. I got them involved as a way of bonding with them and I also said they could keep any profits we made!

One of our favourite parts of Settlers of Catan is in the Seafarers expansion where you get to reveal what is underneath ocean tiles and we love the excitement of whether it is an ‘8’ or a ‘2’ or whether it is ‘sheep’ or ‘gold"! Well, this formed the basis of Empty Space Explorers for us and you start the game with the whole universe hidden, slowly revealing it and whether it will help or hinder your space rocket to find an exoplanet.

The other important part to us was ‘simplifying’ the game so even people who aren’t avid gamers could pick it up really quickly. My background in working with people with Learning Difficulties helped us to simplify things and make the rules easy to learn and understand.

Most of all though, our passion for Space and adventure drove us to pick a relevant topic that we believe will be of more and more interest to people as private firms look to the cosmos to explore in the next few years. When you first view Saturn through a small telescope it blows your mind – try it 😊


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Empty Space Explorers - A Space Board Game

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empty space (explorers)

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